An Open Letter To President Donald J. Trump and the American People

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An Open Letter To President Donald J. Trump and the American People

President Donald J Trump.,

President of the United States of America

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Me

Washington DC, 20500

An Open Letter to President Donald J Trump And The People Of America

Now In Those Days, Messages from the LORD were very rare and visions were quite uncommon. 1 Sam 3:1

The present, continued and future prosperity of America lies in the hands of the Church. The Church is the prosperity of this Country says the Spirit of God.

Like the people of Nineveh, if America will return to God, seek His face and repent right from the top echelons of government, the Lord will hear, heal and restore our Land once again.

The day comes says the Spirit of God when the reaper will overtake the sower and the planter will overtake the treader of grapes. AMOS 9:13.


America will flourish, prosper and thrive again in all spheres of her society BUT this will be commensurate to the degree to which the CHURCH prospers!

The greater the Church of Jesus Christ thrives in this land, the boundless will be the good fortune of this eminent nation.


Americans, please do not sell your votes cheaply. Do not give your votes to the man and the camp that will not represent the purposes of our Christ.

Do not out of sentiments give your vote to a party who has no regard for God and will not hesitate to drive Him out of this great country.

Take Jesus and the name of Jesus out of our land and we are finished as a Nation. We will open up this country to wars, poverty, hardship, calamities, and natural disasters just as they had it in the days of the BIBLE when the Israelites turned their backs on God.


And I speak this directly to the American government under the instructions of God; it is time to allow the churches a lot more liberty than they currently have.

It’s time to care for Missionaries, Pastors, Servants of God, Ministers of God and their family so that these people who are supposed to be focused on their kingdom assignments will not be taking 2nd, and 4th jobs because of the need to eke out a living.

It is time you gave us land to build our churches and grant us space to function.

It is time you put laws in place that will protect the rights of churches, the welfare of her people and the interest of CHRIST. Let no harm come near the church.

When you plan your stimulus as you do for small businesses and several other organs of the society, it’s time you included the churches and give her grants, financial packages, soft loans and others so that she (the Church) can function and extend the influence of our Christ.

Let churches be the next biggest thing that is springing forth everywhere in this land, both online and off ground such that the righteousness of God permeates the very stratums of our society.

Regard and extol God through His physical Representative – the Church.

I guarantee you on the AUTHORITY OF GOD’S WORD, dear President Trump and the powers that be in America; if you carry out these few requirements, as long as the Lord God of Heaven lives:

1) The windows of Heaven will open up upon this land and the blessings will pour out on us.

2) God will fight the cause of America and uphold her glory amongst the Nations of the world.

3) God will give victory to this land and restore peace and quietness to her..

4) The Lord will take away the scourge and EVERY evil currently plaguing the land and the Lord will make your presidency a time of peace and prosperity that the people will remember for a long time.

5) People will stop thinking you are a joke and a comedic reality star who has no place on the global stage of relevance BUT they will come to see that there is a SUPERIOR ENTITY working with you that they are unable to oppose even when they want to oppose you.

The next phase of America’s prosperity lies in the hands of the church says the Spirit of God. Please heed the Spirit!


Behold, the days come says the Spirit; when the reaper will overtake the sower and the planter will overtake the treader of grapes.

This is the time for the churches in America to be strong and bold and spread out to occupy the land.

This is the time for the local churches to take their activities outside the coverage of just nurturing their local congregation BUT rather be Nation-focused, seeing we are the light of this country.

God bless America

God bless the people of America

And God bless President Donald J Trump.


Your Faithfully,

Layo Emmanuel

Pastor | Bestselling Author | Founder – Secrets of God Solutions.

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