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Hi, I'm Layo

Live life on your your own terms. Get the tools and insights you require to thrive in your spirit, soul and body.

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Layo C. Emmanuel

Transformational speaker & coach

From being the lost, insecure, broke and helpless woman that I was to becoming an internationally sought-after speaker, bestselling author, transformational coach & media sensation, I have come a long way.

In the process, I decided to journal my experiences; carefully noting all the invaluable tools and resources that were helping me along. Months later, I turned all these into a proper book that I titled "The Survivor.” It became an overnight bestseller!

Since then, I have taught and helped women from diverse walks of life transform their present-day ugly experiences to recreate their preferred realities.

Remarkably, an avalanche of speaking, coaching and training requests by various female platforms and organizations around the world including the Ukrainian Parliament have since opened to me.

Dear woman, you have all it takes to transform your life and change your reality. And I am here to equip you with the skills and strategies to do that. I believe in harmonizing the spirit, soul, and body to create financial success, physical wellness and total life satisfaction.

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Layo has such profound wisdom. It's refreshing to see a woman teach on so many success cum life principles.

Whether she is training employees in the corporate world or speaking to a large body of people, she is a memorable speaker.

Her soft delivery mixed with boldness and authenticity makes her very relatable as a speaker. She is one of those who must be heard globally.

Shay Grace

Author & Resiliency Coach for Entrepreneurs

I met Layo Charles Emmanuel in Kiev Ukraine several years ago at a conference where she was giving a Keynote speech.

Though there were several international speakers at that Conference. I recall 'Layo's session was outstanding

The diversity of interests and the scope of Layo's exposure makes her compelling as a speaker, writer, and coach.  

Her body of work (books, articles, courses, training materials) have been of great benefit to a wide range of audience around the world.

Rev (Dr.) Albert S Kitcher

Senior Pastor: World Transformation Church

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