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I’m Layo Charles Emmanuel - a life transformation coach, turnaround consultant for businesses, speaker and #1 bestselling author of “The Survivor”

You are so welcome to my online home base.

If you are a woman who is:

  • Dissatisfied with where she is in life,
  • Struggling with her finances, relationship, career or health,
  • Or feeling like you are just going through the motions of life,

I get you!

I know how you feel. And I am here to help you.

You can have a better deal than what life has given you so far.

You can create that life you always dreamed about if you only knew how.

And right here, I will like to help you do just that.


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Meet Layo Charles Emmanuel

Layo Charles Emmanuel

Layo Charles Emmanuel

Layo Charles Emmanuel is a life transformation coach and the #1 bestselling author of “The Survivor” She is also an inspirational speaker who specializes in helping people turn their dreamed results for life into a reality.

She has graced several stages across Ukraine where she resides speaking alongside other globally acclaimed speakers. She also has been invited to speak at the National parliamentary library of Ukraine to a host of government officials.

In November of 2016, she was privileged to have her works featured on Fox News, NBC, ABC, CBS, and other international media outlets.

Online Programs

With Layo Charles Emmanuel

The construct your dream life program is a 42 days coaching package that literally helps you to take back the control of your life so that you can create the reality you have always wanted to live instead of the one you’re currently stuck in
This is a 12 months long radical finances overhauling program where we walk you through the routes of making real money and building real wealth over the course of the 12 months.
This is a 7 weeks coaching package that helps women who are married to wealthy, affluent, super successful or famous spouses build a life of relevance independent of their husbands.


Good morning Layo. I admire you so much, your dedication amongst millions of other things the world has not seen from you.

Admiration is good but today I woke up with something greater than just admiring you and that is the decision to pay the price of attaining my goals like you. Please I will like to know the trainings you can offer me and how much it will cost me so that from January 2017 I will commence work.

My entire life needs to transform, finances needs to change etc. I no longer want to admire from distance but get the principles to transit like you. I patiently await your response as to what you can offer me and the cost.

Next year for me is all about hardwork. God bless you and I love you.



Hello Layo … Thank you for the life training we had. It was very interesting and intriguing for me.

I learnt so much and it’s working for me already. It was a simple step to follow and I’ve started using it and I can see how helpful it was.

I will advice anyone who wants to join the next training to do so because it will help them a great deal.

Many thanks,




Initially, I wasn’t too glued to your page but later on, I took time to watch your previous live videos. I was in awe. I instantly got connected!

It’s funny how I stayed in Ukraine for years but didn’t hear about you but thank God I know about you now. I didn’t intend to send you a message but after watching your Q&A video featuring your hubby, I found myself typing…. lol.

The video was a little bit over an hour but I didn’t even care about the duration cause I was blessed all through plus the connection between you both just made it more interesting to watch.

GOD bless you ma’m… More grace and I’m definitely looking forward to more uplifting materials and videos from you.



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